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Congratulations! You got the interview. Now you realize that you are going to meet, and speak a number of interviewers face to face. You experience an anxious moment, and ask yourself: “Now what?”

    Time to develop a positive mindset. You are doing something very right. Your resume, information (and probably a phone screen) got you in the door. The potential employer already thinks that you may be a good match for the job. Now they want to round out their positive impression by evaluating you in person. Your goal is to maintain that positive momentum, to reinforce it by creating a dynamic, engaging impression, as your professional presence, and cultural fit with the company are considered.
Interviewers WANT you to be their ideal candidate!

  PREPARE: twelve tried and true steps help you become an outstanding interviewee, the kind of job candidate that positively   impresses interviewers.

    1. Expect the unexpected. There are many kinds of interviews and interview questions. You cannot know them all. Instead, prepare for your interviews by knowing how to express your skills, abilities and accomplishments, and communicating ways in which these will contribute to the potential employer’s business.

    2. Make sure you are comfortable speaking to all the facts on your resume (after all you are speaking about yourself). Be prepared to provide further examples of your professional accomplishments.
    3. No one is perfect. Be ready to describe a couple of your mistakes –then explain what you learned from each one.
   4. If you have not researched the company/job before, do it now. Be ready to answer the question: “What interests you about this job/company/department?” with interesting, informed, and relevant responses.
  5. Prepare to respond to: “Tell me about yourself?”or Why you think you fit into this organization?” or “Why should we hire you?”  Focus on your professional experience and what you bring to the job, NOT on your personal life.
  6. HONESTY IS OF THE ESSENCE: but never, never lie or misrepresent yourself, and make sure that you never bad-mouth anything, employers, co-workers, or job.
7. Don’t be afraid to take a few moments in order to provide an accurate, thoughtful answer.
8. Answer questions clearly, focus on the subject, and don’t get off track. Ask interviewer to repeat a question if you are not sure you understand it.
9. Show enthusiasm, but don’t speak more than you have to, and don’t fill silences with babble.
  10. Make eye contact Sit straight (but not   stiffly) and pay attention! This is not a casual venue to get to know someone on  a personal level. This is a job interview: be professional, respectful, and polite. Remember: DURING AN INTERVIEW, YOU ARE ALWAYS UNDER SCRUTINY.
        11. Be ready to ask insightful questions about the company, its culture, job
        expectations, and benefits.
       12. Don’t discuss your salary expectations, especially in the first interview. If
       asked, say you wish to learn more about the job. If pressed, give a RANGE.  Base
       your range on salaries for comparable positions in the area where
       you want to work.

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